Fx's Luna & BTS's Park Jimin x everyone fanfiction Release Date: Listen | MV Spacious electro-pop is Neon Bunny‘s specialty and she delivers her most impressive work yet with “Room 314.” Its wobbly bassline acts as a cushion for the artist’s spring-like synths that bounce off the walls from start to finish, the ending of which is particularly chaotic in the most beautiful way imaginable. Hi everyone! I made a sideblog for my fanfictions. Rht now, I'm writing Fx's Luna fanfiction, because there are not too many out there and she needs more.

Sulli Archives moonROK Release Date: Listen Echae Kang engineers one of the sweetest fusions of classical and contemporary music to come out of South Korea in a while in her debut solo album, ‘Radical Paradise‘. Image courtesy of SBS Rht now, the Internet is buzzing with rumors that former fx member Sulli is dating. 0 likes Read more · SM Confirms, Sulli and Choiza.

Chen Stories - Wattpad The idea of an urban single featuring vivid harmonics and plucked violin strings as an undercurrent seems almost foren, but here we are. Discover endless #chen stories and books on Wattpad, and find your next great read. ↠Because we've reached the 500 followers ↠Here's an exo zodiac book!

Best images about SM TOWN on Pinterest Release Date: MV “Cheer Up” is the definitive earworm of the year, and with good reason. Chen. on Check it out! See More. sm town fx shinee. See More. sm town- shinee sulli. See More. sm town. exo super junior. minho sulli sm town.

Arnold's Top 100 Korean Songs Of 2016 #10 EXO – #1 The single shape-shifts in interesting ways and explodes with flairs of infectious melodies that hijack the mind with relative ease. Arnold's Top 100 Korean Songs Of 2016 #10 EXO – #1 Jambinai. Every member gets a moment to shine, here more than in any of their previous releases, with Baekhyun and Chen leading the pack to some. Release Date 10/3/16. Luna stays close to fx's style in her surprisingly anthemic “Free.

Fx Luna Amber and Krystal with Onew 수중이 Pinterest Amber. Release Date: Listen | MV In a scene that continued to push itself with experimental sounds, hybrid genres, and the like, it was almost a done deal that the simplistic, heartfelt magic of ballad maestro Park Hyo Shin would be the much-needed breathing room to balance out the chaos. With just Park’s voice, a lht string section, and an accompanying piano, this song’s appeal lies in its raw formality. Fx Sulli, Amber, Krystal, Luna, and Victoria. Amber LiuKpop. from fuckyeah-fx.· this is like the. Onew SHINee + Chen EXO-M + Ryeowook Super Junior + Baekhyun EXO-K. Dispatch caught Jackgyeom dating hahaha.

Pin by olga on fx Pinterest Release Date: Listen | MV Luna stays close to f(x)‘s style in her surprisingly anthemic “Free Somebody,” a fresh dance track that makes great use of her vocal capacity without ever wringing her dry. Photo fx LuNa on The Cover of The Fashion Magazine, W. from fuckyeah-fx. from dailyexo. magaziine, luna 2016 photoshoot, luna photoshoot, luna 2016, fx 2016 comeback, fx airport fashion, luna dating. Photo CreditAlbumSehunExo ChenKpopPostsPhoto ScanExo LuckyTwitter.

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