SMARTdate - Speed Dating South Africa - Home By: Fatima Mathivha - 17 April 2015 It’s 20h05 on a Saturday evening. I power walk just fast enough to save myself from breaking out into a full sweat. I hope they didn’t see me.” As I take a few steps back towards Fox Street, lined with parked cars, I see a sn just to the left of the entrance. “Shame, she’s so single and lonely she’s resorted to speed dating in the dark”, I imagine them saying. SMARTdate - Speed Dating South Africa. 451 likes. SMARTdate - Events for singles in Joburg, Cape Town & Durban 21000 members Meet face to face to.

Smart Date - Events dating, fun and friends in Johannesburg South. Half-running, half-walking, I turn towards the Arts on Main entrance and catch a glimpse of a line of men comfortably seated outside the POPArt Theatre in the Maboneng Precinct. Etched on the blackboard in the brhtly-lit entrance I’m hovering around are the words ‘DATING IN THE DARK’. Just as I decide to move further away from the incriminating sn I see the men walking into the theatre. We huddle into the bar and entrance of POPArt where instructions for the evening are given. I gulp down some white wine between nervous ggles until the Dutch courage settles in. This is a speed dating events company based in South Africa where dates happen smart and fast. Filled with fun, friends and love, SmartDate has an event for.

Dating in Johannesburg, South Africa - Date Single Men and. We’re given a sheet of paper to write down the names of every date as well as whether we’d like to see them again. There’s a roar coming from behind the black doors of the theatre and I begin to worry about what I mht find once I’ve jumped into the deep end of dating. It’s the first time I start to really observe the situation. Most of us are clearly overdressed for a date in the dark. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and has the largest economy among all other metropolitan areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Variously known as.

Speed dating the civil eng way - Wits University There’s a wide age range, with me probably being the youngest of the . Sep 30, 2016. It ran like speed dating the students got four minutes with each industry. Arup, Joburg Water, Genrec Engineering, Zitholele Consulting, Mott.

Meetups near Johannesburg Meetup There’s an Indian woman, one other black woman and five white women. Meetups in Johannesburg. African Secrets - Walks in the Inner City of Johannesburg. Johannesburg Amazon Web Services User AWS-JOZI.

DATING IN THE DARK POPArt Theatre Production Company. There was the medicine student who made my first date super easy by talking about himself, the touchy businessman who asked me why I had scooted my chair backwards, a 41 year old who gave me some advice about life, and a colourful character that slurred through our five minutes together. At the end of our dates the women left first, moving into the bar area to hand over their rate cards. I had some great conversations and some not-so-great conversations, but at no point did I think about whether my lips were dry or if I had something in my teeth. But seriously, the dating scene in Johannesburg is about as unpredictable and. We're setting the stage for speed dating, but with one key difference you won't.

Love Sucks - 5FM On Sunday, when I received three emails with the subject “you’re a match! Love Sucks. Get a chance to speed date and finally speed date a 5FM personality in a new Opel Adam. Rivonia, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Professional singles dating with za - Front page ”, I found myself stuck between a rock and a dark place. Za - Online Dating South Africa. Speed Dating community for Professional singles with limited time.

Dating in the Dark Johannesburg - Live Mag It was good to know the feeling was mutual and I had enough of a personality to date without the assistance of my appearance, but now I would actually have to see this person in the lht. Apr 17, 2015. A review of 'Dating in the Dark', a speed dating event where participants can't see each other, hosted at the POPArt Theatre in the Maboneng.

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<b>DATING</b> IN THE DARK POPArt Theatre Production Company.
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